About Us

Pups Paradise provides a refreshing take on the traditional dog “kennel” and doggy daycare by offering an environment more like home, and less like a “doggy prison”. We are focused on socialization, comfort, fun, and safety. Dogs have routines at home and are treated more like kids. We feel this perspective should be no different when you’re away from your furry friends. Our 13,000 sq ft indoor/outdoor facility was designed to offer many services to our guests to ensure their stay is more like home or a true vacation. Pups Paradise’s daycare if fully themed with familiar and fun elements while our boarding suites offer privacy and comforts from home to reduce stress and facilitate a healthy nights rest.

Every element of a normal routine for a dog can be found at Pups Paradise. Guests are served breakfast just the way you do. No limit on food preparation requests! Playtime follows for ALL boarding guest as it’s included for overnight guests. We serve lunch for those who are accustom to it and nap times are provided for those that ask for it. Romping and playing continues throughout the afternoon until dinner is served at 5pm for those boarding with us. Treats are served that you provide to reward those after a long day of play. After a nap while listening to relaxing music, we take them out at 11pm for one last potty break to stretch their legs just like home. You won’t find ANYONE  else that replicates their home routine like we do!! Finally, they return to comforts from home like a bed, blanket or even their crate from home for no more than 9 hours. We provide a bed and bowls if you prefer. All dogs are let out at 7am (8am weekends)  ready to play again!

All guests are treated to extra large suites. No worries about being in a cramped cage with dogs on all sides causing stress throughout the night as we provide semi-private rooms to all our guest so they can rest easier. Our suites are the largest around so your pampered pup can sleep, stretch, and move around with plenty of space with 8 ft  tiled walls and full glass doors(just like home, getting the theme here?). Rooms start at 4 ft by 5 ft for smaller dogs and 6 ft by 8 ft rooms are abundant for larger and multi-dog familes. We even have 8 ft by 8 ft rooms and one Presidential Suite that is 8 ft by 10 ft for those with 3 or 4 family members to stay together.  Why should their routines and beds be any different when they’re away from home? We can’t understand why either……

We’re not stopping with daycare and boarding, we also offer full and self grooming. Our self-grooming room is for those that want to come and wash dogs with everything provided: towels, tubs, brushes, a dryer, and a large assortment of shampoos and conditioners.

Stop by, you’ll see why we are the “unkennel”. Pups Paradise is where your dog is treated like family, and not a prisoner. Your dog will thank you!!

A Note About The Owners

Pups Paradise Owners and Family

My name is Ron DeLeeuw and my wife Becca and I are Sylvania residents with triplet boys Cooper, Carter, and Conor.  Becca grew up in Sylvania and graduated from Northview in ’97 and now is a stylist at Studio 51.  I moved to Toledo 10 years ago from West Michigan to run a home healthcare agency and after 9 years, I decided that it was time to create something fun and exciting.  After many conversations  about how great it would be to work with dogs everyday, the idea for Pups Paradise was born.  We spent over a year and a half planning and designing to ensure a unique experience for owners and dogs alike.  Our approach was from our own personal perspective, which is the foundation for our “unkennel” theme.  We wanted to build something that we knew our spoiled little dogs would love as much as we would.  We’re so proud of what has come of a dream, a few years ago, and would love to meet and give you a tour!

You’ll be amazed at how different Pups Paradise is!!


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