Dog Boarding

Welcome to the “un-kennel”, it’s a dog’s vacation!

Our goal at Pup’s Paradise is to make each of our dog boarding guests have an amazing experience when staying with us. We focus on bringing all the comforts of home and normal routines to your dog’s stay to help minimize the adjustment period when staying away from home. Our large dog boarding suites and daily schedules were designed to do just this.

Boarding Single Dog 2nd Dog Add’l Dogs
Per Night $35 $27 $21

Dog Boarding Suites:

This is what your dog deserves, a suite large enough to stretch out in and walk around. With our “cage-free” dog boarding approach, each guest can relax with privacy in a room customized to make them rest easier and reduce stress while relaxing. Full glass doors, epoxy flooring, 8 foot walls, and a comfy bed help each guest get a full nights rest. Personalize your dogs room with their bed, blanket, toys, or anything that will help make it just like home. If you want to leave their items at home, don’t worry, we provide several types of beds and bowls at no additional charge.  We ask you just bring food to keep their tummies in order, and we will be happy to meet any mealtime requests at no charge.

Room sizes, all the same price, we just select the appropriate for your dog or multi-dog family staying together.

Suites Small Medium Large
Size 4ft x 5ft 6ft x 8ft 8ft x 8ft
Dogs Sleeping in Dog Boarding Suites

Dogs Sleeping in Dog Boarding Suites

6:30a   All our dog boarders are awaken and taken outside, ready to start the day while our daycare guests begin to arrive.

7:00a   Breakfast is served to our overnighters, and rest for an hour before playtime.

8:00a   All dogs are joined for our daycare. Up to 3 different packs are formed creating just the right mix of personalities and      chemistry so everyone has fun.

12pm   Lunches served for those who request it. We realize that our daycare guests are here to maximize play time, while those with us for a few days need a good balance of play and rest, so naps given upon request. A good vacation is a mix of both!!

4pm     Dinner is served!! Those with a room for the night are put in for a well-deserved meal. Any medications or special requests are our pleasure, and included.

5pm     One more trip outside before nap time. Soothing music is played to help provide that “white noise” to help our pack drift to sleep while our daycare guests are heading home for the day, ready for a nap of their own.

11pm   Just like at home, one more outing before going to bed for the evening. Ready for another day of fun and rest. We tuck each guest in their beds.


7am  All overnight guests are let outside after only 8 hours in their rooms.

8am Breakfast is served to our boarders while daycare guests begin to arrive.

10am All boarders are taken outside and join dogs in Daycare for a fun day of play after a good night’s rest!

4pm   Dinner is served in rooms with an hour rest while we clean our  facility from top to bottom. Daycare guests are picked up tired, and ready to go home for a relaxing evening.

5pm   All overnight guests are taken outside to stretch their furry legs and play a bit before retiring for the night.

10pm  Staff returns for a last “potty break” for all dogs boarding with us. We tuck them in for a sleepy overnight stay. They need the rest, play comes again tomorrow!

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