Pet Sitting and Pet Waste Removal



Welcome to Petcheck, your solution to caring for the pets in your home. At Pups Paradise, we have taken care of thousands of pets at our facility over the years. Now, we are bringing this level of service right to your home. Professional, technology driven in-home pet care.

Petcheck was founded by Pups Paradise’s owner Ron Deleeuw and facility manager Ben Mooney after several requests for us to help clients out in their own homes. We believe we offer what no one else can: trust and technology. Thousands of clients have trusted Pups Paradise and the very same staff can come to your home and provide the care your pet needs. All of our team is bonded, insured, and passed a full criminal background check.

Now this is where it gets fun: Technology and Pet Sitting. Our software allows our clients and employees to have a portal right on their phone. You can request services for a late night out or a trip out of town for a week. Employees are given access to accepted assignments important information: Google directions, garage code, pet feeding specifics, etc all through our secure portal. You will be notified when staff arrives to your home through geo-tagging and “checking-in” at there visit. (Told you this would get fun!). We know when staff arrives and departs and so will you through the After-Visit report staff will send you as soon as the visit is complete. Also, a photo and short description of the visit can be sent as well.

Call for text today to meet with me and learn how Petcheck can provide you the trust you need with the technology to make it easy.

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Ben- Owner

      2012-12-11_10-33-32_554.jpgIt is my pleasure to bring you Petcheck Services. I have years of experience in the  pet care industry and I am looking forward to providing my clients and their pets  with professional, honest and dedicated services. I will meet with you personally  to discuss your needs and show you why Petcheck is the solution for you.


Hello, my name is Kimberly and I’ve been working in the veterinary profession for  fifteen years. I am passionate about working with animals and have ten years of  experience with in-home pet care. I enjoy working with all types of animals and  have taken care of felines, canines and exotics. I am knowledgeable about  medical care and have experience with administering medications. I look  forward to working with you and taking care of your furry family.

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 Stephanie is an avid animal lover and an ambitious learner always on an  exploration for more one-of-a-kind and enjoyable endeavors. She grew up in a  small town home always abundant with animals that were cherished and a tad  bit spoiled. From the time she was a child Stephanie knew that in some way she  would encompass her life around the care and protection of animals of every  kind. Stephanie is currently enrolled at Owens Community College to further her education as she is in the midst of discovering her ideal career path in which her aim is to aid and rejuvenate others, whether they’re furry friends or everyday people. She is also currently employed at Pup’s Paradise where she provides exemplary care and exercise for dogs of all breeds in a relaxed and accommodating setting.

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