Boarding-Daycare Included!!!!

$35 per night for the 1st dog, $27 for the second, and $21 for additional dogs.

*One full day of daycare is included with each overnight stay.


Single Dog
4 hr $14
6 hr $19
8 or more hrs $24
Second Dog
4 hr $10
6 hr $14
8 hr $17
Additional Dogs
4 hr $6
6 hr $10
8 hr $12


Full grooming, call Ashley at 419 350-6782 for an individual price quote.

We wash for $20. Our staff will shampoo, condition, towel dry and blow dry leaving your dog ready to come home smelling great!

You wash for $14! All shampoo, conditioner, towels, and blow dryers included. Make it a fun event to come and wash your pup. We’ll take care of the laundry and mess!

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