All of our guests will enjoy the resort lifestyle by retreating to their well-appointed dog suites for a comfortable overnight sleep. No chain link cages can be found at Pups Paradise, only large suites with full glass doors and plenty of room to stretch out in after a long day of romping and playing. We welcome any comforts of home such as a bed or favorite blanket to help your dog sleep soundly.

It is important for each guest to stay on their routines when away from home, so all guests will be let outdoors one last time between 10p and 11p before retiring for the evening. Your dog will not be in their suite for more than 9 hours when they stay at Pups Paradise. We want to do everything to make a stay with us as close to home as possible!

Boarding-Daycare Included $32 for the 1st dog, $26 for the second dog(same suite) and  $21 for 3rd or more dog(same suite).


An important part of a healthy lifestyle for dogs is the release of energy and socialization with other dogs. As pack animals, most dogs prefer to play with others instead of being home alone while you’re away. Our daycare, which is included for all overnight guests too, will ensure plenty of play time as well as structured rest periods. With five separate themed play areas, we are able to group dogs based on size, chemistry and temperament to accommodate those energetic puppies as well as those timid or senior guests! Areas include Lakeside, Backyard, Central Park,Senior Area, and the Barnyard. Each of these large areas feature unique amenities to increase fun and comfort. All guests will be sure to come for fun and leave with tails wagging.


Daycare ½ Day $12 (4 hr max)
Daycare 3/4 Day$17 (6 hr max)
Daycare Full Day $22


Grooming (Sylvania location only):

Time for a cut and style? Come see Pups Paradise and our spa style grooming rooms. You can stop in and wash your dog yourself in our raised tubs with all shampoo, towels, and dryers included anytime. For those that would like to leave that to us, our groomers are happy to provide full-service grooming services on site including nails, cuts, and anything else your dog may need.

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