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What to Bring

  • We require you to bring your dog's normal food to keep his/her tummies in order, and we will be happy to meet any meal requests. 

  • Bringing beds, blankets, and toys from home are accepted and encouraged as they will make your dog feel more comfortable.

  • Please make sure bedding is easy to clean or machine washable. (please keep in mind we are not responsible for lost or damaged items)

  • Medication, no injectables (medication is given in a "pill pocket" unless told otherwise)

What NOT to Bring

Please leave the following at home:

  • unwashable bedding

  • food and water bowls

  • raw hides & pig ears (can be a choking hazard when left unattended in their room, other chew bones and toys are ok)

  • anything ceramic or made of glass

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