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Coming into the lobby at Pup's Paradise.

Please have your dog on a leash at all times. Having control of your dog will help to avoid any mishaps in the lobby with other dogs or running out the door. Please do not let your dog get near any other dog in the lobby. Dogs have a funny way of acting differently on a leash and around their owners. Dogs will have a chance to greet each other in the daycare areas. 

What is Pack-Play daycare?

Pack-play daycare means that your dog will be in with a pack of dogs during the time that he/she is attending our facility. They will play with 30-100 dogs in this pack environment. This type of stimulation offers a chance for your dog to socialize with dogs and staff, while burning energy in the process. 

We DO NOT separate by size, rather we separate by temperament. This means we put dogs of similar energy levels together to play. This creates a better environment for your dog to burn energy and to be less stressed.

Are dogs separated by size?
Could my dog be injured in daycare?

Though we strive to provide a safe environment for dogs to play, accidents happen. Most accidents are from your dog having fun and playing. Scratches, punctures and soreness rarely occur, but do happen from dogs running and wrestling with each other. There are some occasions of aggression that cause injury, but they are very infrequent.  

Could my dog get sick from daycare?

It is very possible for your dog to get sick at or from daycare. Even if he/she are vaccinated for something, vaccines are not 100% effective. It is just like a child going to daycare. It is not common, but it can happen.

How does a dog get Bordetella (Kennel Cough)?

Bordetella, or more commonly kennel cough, is contracted like the common cold. It is a virus that is brought in by dogs. It is not something that is created at a kennel or daycare. The vaccination for kennel cough protects a dog from a specific strain (or strains) that are in the vaccination. The virus can mutate, like any other virus, and can be passed on to dogs even if they have current vaccinations. It is like the flu shot for humans, you can get the vaccination, but could possibly still get the flu. 

How old does my dog have to be to play in daycare?

We leave the health and readiness of your dog to play in our pack environment up to your vet. You will need to consult your vet on the right time for your dog to be in a pack environment. As long as the vet gives the "okay", we are happy to schedule a temperament test for your puppy.

What do I do when my dog gets updated vaccinations?

Please bring in or have your vet fax over any new information from updated vaccinations. Our system needs to be manually updated and we need new records from the vet to do so. Our protocol is to ask about vaccinations that we see are expired in our system. Getting us updated information will allow us to update the system and not ask you about it every time you come in.

What is a temperament test?

Temperament tests are a 2 hour introduction of your dog to our pack environment. We let your dog into our play areas by his/herself, so that he/she can sniff around and get a sense of the other dogs that are here. Once he/she are used to the new environment, we will put a dog in with him/her that matches his/her energy level. As soon as your dog is comfortable with that dog, we will put in another dog, and so on. When your dog has adjusted, we will integrate him/her into the pack and we will monitor his/her behavior to see how he/she reacts to pack play.

What if my dog does not pass the temperament test?

There are many reasons that your dog may not pass the test. Aggression is the main one, whether it be towards other dogs or staff. Some other reasons would be: fear of the pack, jumping fences, barking in other dogs faces, targeting other dogs, mounting excessively, not responding to commands and more. If your dog has any of these, we may not be the right place for your dog. We will give you feedback on what we are seeing and any options on what you could do. You may still be able to board your dog here, just without the daycare portion of it. 

Why is it required to have my dog spayed/neutered at 6 months?

At the 6 month mark, hormones are starting to really change puppies. The changes are for growth and reproduction, there are other changes that increase the level of play with other dogs. These changes can be an issue while running a pack environment. It is common for veterinarians to want large breed dogs to wait until a year to be fixed. However, we still have to hold to the 6 month mark for our daycare purposes. The risk of increased level of play and possible reproduction is too great if we allow them in over 6 months old. 

Is there water in the areas for dogs to drink?

Yes, every area has water available for drinking, it is changed and filled often. Some dogs are not a fan of drinking out of the community dishes, so your dog may drink large amounts of water when he/she gets home.

Can I bring in a lunch for my dog?

 You may bring in a lunch for your dog. We will give him/her lunch at the time you request and he/she will have fresh water in with him/her as well. The only downfall to lunch is that your dog will have to be in a room for at least an hour. This is done so that the food digests and they do not get sick in daycare. Also, digestion is critical to combat the condition "Bloat", his is the twisting of the stomach that would require emergency surgery to repair. 

How often do the dogs go outside?

We take the dogs outside for potty breaks every hour. We have a fenced in area with kennel turf down. Dogs do not get muddy or get stone dust on them. The area is cleaned multiple times a day and it is disinfected regularly.

What is boarding?

Boarding is staying overnight with us in our cage-free facility. Your dog will have his/her own room. The rooms are tiled with a finished floor and full glass door, so he/she can see out. You may bring in bedding, blankets, toys, and anything else that may make your dog's stay more enjoyable. We require that you bring food so that we keep his/her diet the same. This reduces the chance of gastrointestinal issues during his/her stay.

Is there anything we cannot bring to boarding?

We do not need you to bring in your bowls, unless they require a special slow feeder or raised feeder. We will provide bowls during his/her stay. We also cannot give him/her rawhide products or bones (unless they are on a special Raw diet). We are good with you bringing in toys, blankets, beds and treats. Anything to help your dog feel more at home while boarding with us. 

Can you give medications during my dog's stay?

We will be happy to give medications to your dog if needed, with no extra charge. Please bring in the medication and the way to administer it. If he/she takes it in meat or cheese, please bring it with you. If you do not bring in anything to take it with, we will use peanut butter or greenies brand pill pockets. We DO NOT give injectable medications whatsoever. 

What if my dog gets sick during a stay or needs to see the vet?

If your dog is ill, we will notify you and look for direction from you on what you would like us to do. If it is an emergency, we will take immediate action with our veterinary partners to get your dog the attention he/she need. If we cannot get in touch with you, we will contact the person you provided as your emergency contact on you information form. 

How long are the dogs left in their rooms?

During your dog's stay, he/she will be let out during the day for daycare, as long as he/she pass the temperament test. That is roughly 6 hours of continuous play during the day. The dog will be put away for dinner and rest around 4pm each day. We will let your dog out about an hour after eating for a potty break. When we leave for the night, all dogs will be secured in their rooms. At a time between 10:30pm and 12am, staff will come back to let the dogs out for the final time. We will be back first thing in the morning to let them out and start breakfast.

Can I have my dog bathed before I pick him/her up?

We have a very nice bathing room at Pups Paradise. We use a HydroSurge Bathing System that combines air, water and shampoo that jets it all down to the skin of the dog. This is a very efficient system and leaves the dogs clean and refreshed. We will be happy to bathe your dog for you prior to a pick up. All we need is a time that you will be back to pick him/her up and we will do a bath 2 hours prior. This will allow your dog time to dry. The cost is $15 if your dog is in daycare or boarding. Your dog may be slightly damp at pick up and this service does not include a blow dry or brush out.  

Can I get my dog groomed?

Grooming is no longer available at our Sylvania location. We still have grooming available at our Perrysburg location. Hannah, the groomer, is available for appointments. She sets her own pricing and appointments, so you would have to call or text her directly (419-309-6869) if you want to schedule and get pricing.

CPV is the growth of warts on or around the mucus membranes, feet and eyes of dogs. They start as white dots, most commonly on the gums or lips. They mature into warts that have a cauliflower look to them. If you see these on your dog, please DO NOT bring them into daycare as they are extremely contagious to other dogs. If we see growths on dogs in daycare, we will put the dog in a room, clean all bowls and contact owners. Once they have the growth, they will not be allowed back in daycare until they see the vet and the vet gives him/her the "all clear."

What is Canine Papilloma Virus (CPV)?
Is there ever a time I CANNOT bring my dog to daycare?

We ask that you do not bring your dog if you see any of these signs of illness:

-Vomiting the night before or in the morning

-Diarrhea the night before or in the morning

-Active flea or ticks on the dog

-Any rash or sores on the dog

-Any bumps or warts on the eyes, mouth or paws

-Any open wound, infection, stitches or staples

-Any active limping or discomfort

By not bringing your dog with these signs or symptoms, you are helping to avoid making your dog's condition worse and keeping the pack safe from potential issues. 

We do not take out of town clients. All clients must live within a 2 hour radius of our location. This is to cut down on the risk of potential contagious foreign pathogens entering our facility. Clients new to the area are required to live here 3 weeks before they would be able to start at our facility. 

Do you take out of town clients?
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