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Things to Consider


Unkempt Coats:


Life happens to all of us, because of that fact sometimes our pets coats are not our first priority which can lead to a pact or matted coat. Pact coats are typical with double coated dogs who are not being brushed often enough or are not being brushed with the proper too, which may mean the under coat is not being tended to.Unkempt undercoat will bind together, preventing heat from escaping away from the skin and causing overheating. Matting is more typical with single coated dogs or dogs who have hair instead of fur. Once the hair becomes matted you have two options. The matting must be tended to, if it is left it will only worsen which can eventually pull the skin tight enough to cause tearing and infection.This also leaves the skin prone to dermatitis and alopecia from which the skin may never recover, potentially causing painful sores and permanent baldness.De-matting is likely a uncomfortable process for your pet as skin tension while separating matted hair is unavoidable, not to mention a costly process at $60/hr. Keep in mind that no matter how I reassure your pet, they do not speak English so they do not understand why I am tugging at their scalp/tail/ears and hair. Shave downs can be dangerous as pets have many tendons and areas where the skin is thin and there can be no guarantee without getting close to the skin and under the matted hair, areas the skin will not be pulled into a clipper. There will never be any judgment from me if your pet becomes pact or matted, I get it. Now it's time to get a plan together to prevent these issues from happening in the future and ensure that your beloved pet will not need to be shaved down or de-matted in the future.


Using the correct tools:


Having the right tools for the job is essential no matter what task is at hand. Consider bringing your brushes to your next grooming appointment or you can send me pictures of what you have to work with. It is part of my job to make sure you are not in the dark regarding how to best care for your pets coat. I am happy to either confirm that you have the appropriate tools for your pets coat type or I can send you links for the proper tools and you can acquire them at your convenience. I also offer brushing lessons at $60/hr where I teach you exactly how to use the tools you need to keep your pet’s coat in ideal condition to avoid matting/ pacting or shave downs. 


Vision vs expectations:


Deciding what length you want your pets coat and how often they will need an appointment, means considering a few things. First and foremost, Your lifestyle. If you do not have time to spend brushing and combing daily, expecting your pet to keep a long coat with minimal appointments and cost is an unrealistic expectation. The recommended length of time between grooming appointments varies based on coat type,coat length and how involved you wish to be with coat upkeep. I personally recommend not going shorter than ¼” length at any time of year. That length is short enough to keep a pet low maintenance ( LOW not no, there is no such thing as a pet with hair that is no maintenance), but still keeping their skin safe from sunburn. If you would like not to be the human responsible for keeping your pets coat brushed out, consider scheduling brushing appointments. Brushing appointments are exactly how they sound, your pet will not get their nails done or a bath they come in JUST to be brushed and combed the cost is $40/hr and must be scheduled within a week of a full service groom to be sure that the cost does not increase for instance $60/hr for de-matting. If you are unsure of how often your dog may need brushed in correspondence to your vision for their appearance, please schedule a meeting with me so we can get your goals and vision in line with your pets needs and my grooming schedule. There is no charge for a 30 minute meeting in this regard. After lifestyle is considered, consider your pets breed. If you have a doodle mix breed, keeping in mind their predisposition for ear infections means considering a shorter lighter ear to a thicker, longer, heavier ear which will prevent debris from escaping the ear canal itself and help potential infections flourish. I will NOT shave double coated dogs with the exception of matting that can not be safely tended to. Outside of that fact I will never tell you we CAN’T do a trim/style that I’m capable of producing. If you are looking for a groomer who can produce a vision that I do not have the skill set to produce for you, I will happily help you to find a groomer with the necessary skill set for your vision. Keeping your pet's coat any longer than ¼” means your pet should be getting a full service grooming at least every 5 weeks, assuming you are willing and able to keep the coat in good shape between groomings. Alternatively, consider those brushing appointments weekly. Please keep in mind with all of the services we offer here at Pups Paradise, I typically work 7 days a week between two jobs and so my schedule is not very flexible and I book out about a month in advance. If you are interested in scheduling in advance that is most ideal and will ensure that your pet is not waiting for an appointment when they should already have been groomed to avoid unkempt coat and higher grooming prices. If your pet has a full service appointment and I find that there is significant knotting,matting or pacting I will call you for permission before adding on costs but that cost can range from an additional $20 to an additional $120 depending on the condition of the coat, size and behavior of the pet.




If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me directly so we can discuss them. You are also free to call or text just to chat and get to know me. I know trusting someone with your beloved pet can be a stressful time for you the owner as well, so don’t hesitate to ask questions about how or why I do the things I do with your pet! Texting will be the fastest way to get ahold of me but please keep in mind that the salon phone does not leave the building so you may not get a response right away but can expect one within 48 hours or you will receive an automated text alerting you to when I will be returning if it is more than 48h expected leave. Thank you for taking the time to read this through, hopefully it was helpful in understanding what we offer!


Sara 419-304-7320

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